Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Calvary Road

I have been reading and re-reading a little hundred page book called "The Calvary Road" by Roy Hession written in 1950.
It has been a great book to read for me right now and here are some of his quotes:

"To be broken is the beginning of revival, it is painful, it is humiliating but it is the only way."

"Grace is not God's gift to the faithful, it is his gift for the empty and the feeble and the failing."

"Jesus gets his glory not in the number of good Christians he pats on the back, but the failures he restores."

"Revival is not a green valley getting greener, but a valley full of dry bones being made to live again."

"The only beautiful thing about the Christian is Jesus Christ."

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Ryan Joseph Coon said...

nice little reminders that sin is never too big to be outside of God's grace. I have got some encouragement from the old testement and just how rotten the jews were, and God loved them nonetheless, and that was without giving his son! Oh what perfect love we receive, only to give back half of our hearts!